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Who is the UMCG?

We are a group of dealers & collectors of movie props and wardrobe who adhere to Strict values and standards in props ,wardrobe or collectibles that we sell. Our Eyes and Ears are open to our members to ensure that we continue to operate with our policies and goals in mind.


1) If another member has a questionable piece you are allowed to ask questions and pass on info that you know about it. If you feel it needs to be looked checked out in more depth then you may contact the heads of the UMCG and we will take care of it from there. In no way do we want fellow members having words with one another. This is not what we are about.


A) We do not allow our members to harass or send rude or threatening letters by paper mail, email, and or make phone calls to other members or anyone else. Harassment will never be tolerated and you will be removed from our organization immediately once you are proven to have done so.

B) We do not allow members to ask other people to make harassments or threats for them. If ever proven that you are doing this you will be removed from our organization immediately and put on our black list of people we wont deal with or help again.

C) Members are not allowed to go onto any forums, blogs, talk groups, and or anything like them and spread rumors or hateful email about other members. Again if you have a problem with another member you to contact the UMCG heads. At all times, we want to portray a professional group. Bad mouthing other members does not make us look like pros. It would be easy to go on one of those places and bad mouth someone because in most cases that person wont ever read what's going on and can't defend themselves. We have seen to much bad mouthing done and it's just hateful and we don't support that kind of forum, blog, board, etc. If we find out anyone is doing this you will be asked to leave the UMCG.
3) Even when dealing with non members these rules should be thought of and followed. Being a UMCG member does not give you a free ticket to rudeness. Keep these rules in mind because your actions not only represent you but also represent us and all other members.

4) If you list anything on any auction site or state anywhere that you are a "UMCG" member in the description then you MUST list your member number there also. Your UMCG number is a way for people to check you out to see if you are truly a member or not. A UMCG membership isn't given to everyone that asks, so if you are chosen to be one... display it proudly.

5) We understand that dealers and studios can make mistakes. Every dealer has received bad items at times. It's a part of the business... sometimes it just happens. So, if you get or find a bad piece then you must take care of it and not resell it as it was. If we find out that you were told about a bad piece and it was proven to be and then you turn around and resell it without the change you will be removed from our organization immediately and put on our black list of people we wont deal with or help again.

6) We understand that people can lose there tempers and that is human nature. But we draw a line on what is said. Name calling and putting people down will not be tolerated. We are not asking you to act like "Mr. Rogers" for the rest of your life, but if you go beyond that fine line between what is right and what is uncalled for... that will put your membership up for question.

7) THINK BEFORE YOU ACT. Once it is said you can't take it back! " If you don't know, contact the UMCG heads and ask. You can never go wrong in doing this. By doing so you are on the right tract to resolving the problem.

8) And last of all... the above rules are set just as a reminder to all that we should always be civil. The UMCG is truly about those of us who really care about collecting movie props & wardrobe and to keep it honest and fun.
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