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How To Bid

If you have spotted on item you would like to place a bid on you can do so quickly and easily by following these steps:- (1) Login to your account If you have not registered you can do so within 5 minutes (2) Visit the auction page (3) Towards the bottom of the auction description page you will see a bidding box, you can use the shortcut link to the bidding box if you wish. (4) Enter in your bid, note you must bid above the minimum bid required (5) Click on the place bid button (6) You will then be asked to confirm you bid, once you have done so your bid will be entered, if successful you will receive a confirmation message. If you bid fails to outbid the current high bidder you will be offered the option to place a higher bid. Proxy bidding can aid your chances of winning an auction and help avoid you being outbid at the last moment. To place a proxy bid enter in the maximum price you are willing to pay for the item. If another user places a bid on the same auction automatic bids will be placed on your behalf in accordance with your maximum bid amount. With proxy bidding you will pay the lowest possible price until someone else places a higher bid. There is another way of bidding: Buy it now auctions. Buy it now prices are set by the seller, if you agree with that price, you can click on the Buy Now button which is displayed on the auction details page. After clicking on the button you will be re-directed to a confirmation page. On a standard auction that auction will end instantly as the item has been sold via Buy it now. On a Dutch auction, you can enter the amount of items you wish to buy (depending the quantity available).

If you purchase less than there are available in total, the auction will remain open with the number of items left available after you have purchased the amount you want.

Registration is simple and only takes a matter minutes. To start the signup process, click on the register link at the top of this page. Only users with the age over 16 years are able to register.

The next step is to fill in all your information, failure to supply all the required information will result in an error.

By clicking on the Register button from the bottom of the page, you will be redirected to a page with a link to the payment gateway if the signup fee is activated, or to a confirmation page, if signup is free.

Your account will be activated instantly if there is no signup fee, or once the payment has been confirmed by the payment gateway.
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